Community Researchers Look at How to Promote Sustainable Living in East Salford – Project Video Online!

In 2013 the ‘Irwell Valley Sustainable Communities Project’ recruited ten local people to conduct research into sustainable living in East Salford.

The research project has provided a group of residents with the language and tools to investigate issues, increase their understanding of climate change and impart the significance of their findings to their neighbours.

The Community Researchers meet for twelve weeks to plan how they would collect data and work towards a ‘Skills for Community Research’ Level 3 module, accredited by Open Awards.

Undertaking research for Salford City Council about Irwell River Park

Undertaking research for Salford City Council about Irwell River Park

It was important for each Researcher to recognise the value of their individual light bulb moment.

I believe that due to the economic situation, benefit reforms and increasing food prices, residents in East Salford could benefit massively by growing their own food and living a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change”. Julie Stewart, Community Researcher.

On completion of the 12 week project the Researchers presented their findings to the ‘Irwell Valley Sustainable Communities Project’ Partnership Group and to the East Salford Community Committee. This enabled the Researchers to share their knowledge with local residents and organisations and promote the benefits of community based research.

Residents are more willing to talk to and are more receptive to someone they know rather than someone from the Council or statutory agencies. …being a recognisable face helped people be more open and honest in their opinions and feedback. …residents were more willing to engage and ask questions”. Jackie Harrison, Community Researcher – extract from her research assignment.

Salford City Council has recognised the Researcher’s skills in engaging local people. They have commissioned the Researchers to conduct surveys about the development of Peel Park and Irwell River Park as local amenities and sustainable transport routes.

Community based research allows those with the biggest stake in the research to influence its shape and content. It reinforces the idea that local people are experts in their own lives and their interpretation of reality holds the key to change.

Please check out our video about the project on our U-tube page:

Residents Learn About Flood Risk at the Meadows Fun Day in June


The Environment Agency was on hand at the fun day on Meadow Road in June to talk to people about flood risk in East Salford and help people get signed up to the free flood warning service.

The work being done to strengthen flood defences on the River Irwell will reduce the risk of flooding in Salford. However, you can never completely remove the risk of flooding, so make sure you know what to do if it happens. To help you prepare for a major flood there is a FREE flood warning service which will give you time to prepare and could save you time, money and heartache. If you sign up you can receive warnings via phone, text, email or fax.

To sign up, or for more information call The Environment Agency’s Floodline on 0845 9881188 or visit their website:


The River Task Group


The River Task Group enjoying the warm weather at Garden Needs

The River Task Group enjoying the warm weather at Garden Needs

Learn more about the risk of flooding

If you would like to learn more about the risk of flooding the Environment Agency has a website where you can check if your property is at risk of flooding, sign up to a free flood warning service and find useful tips to prepare your property for flooding.