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Reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills!

Our carbon calculator will help you to see where you are using the most energy.

Compare your energy usage to other East Salford residents and gain tips on how to reduce your bills! Please have your yearly or monthly electricity and/or gas costs close to hand.

The ‘carbon calculator’ takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is designed to help you to see where you are using the most energy in the home and how you travel around. It will give you top tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and how you can save money.

This is helping us find out ways people in East Salford could reduce their energy bills…

  • 30% don’t run their heating on a timer. Setting that up is probably the largest cost saving anyone could do given that heating accounts for 70% of most home energy bills
  • 40% say they’d always or most of the time turn the heating up rather than putting on a jumper
  • 85% say they turn lights off always, or most of the time – but 15% say they only do it occasionally
  • Nearly everyone says they recycle as much as they possibly can – which is great news!

This online tool works by calculating the tonnes of carbon dioxide you generate in a year, which is one of the main greenhouse gases that is causing climate change.

We will be keeping a record of the average score of carbon dioxide emissions for people in East Salford and will be updating this website with the results.

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Complete the carbon calculator and receive free newsletters…..with energy saving tips and local stories from East Salford!

This will contain great ideas to help you reduce your energy bills and water bills. It will have tips on how to reduce food waste and cook with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

We will also be reporting on local ‘carbon heroes’ from East Salford – people who are passionate about preventing climate change and are finding fun ways to do it.

The newsletter will also have information about activities in East Salford to help you live a greener lifestyle and have fun at the same time.